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Mobile Phone Shops in Chelmsford City Centre, Chelmsford Now you can bring your broken phone to respire,
and we’ll fix it in a few days for a fair price. Our repair services include screen and body repairs, battery replacements,
camera and display repairs, and much more. We also provide free advanced phone screen repair services for any iPhone,
Samsung, or other smartphone.

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Choose from our range of iPhone RepairsSamsung RepairsHuawei Repairs & iPad Repairs. Save time and Book Online now. Simply Book Online & Drop off to your preferred PAIR Mobile location for repair.

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Mobile phone repair shop to open in mobile tech high Chelmer. The brand prides itself on providing the highest quality repair services to customers regardless of their ability to pay in Chelmsford. Customers can get their phones fixed on the same day, or choose a repair time that suits them. They offer a full range of services, from screen repairs to software upgrades, with each service performed by trained technicians in High Chelmer.

The reasons your phone may not turn on are plentiful and depend on which phone you have in High Chelmer. However, here is a general list of potential solutions for you to try:
Check if your phone is out of charge: it may have run out of battery, if holding the On button results in a flashing battery logo then this is the case, so plug it in and it will automatically come back on in High Chelmer.
The phone may be on but the screen isn’t working: The easiest way to check this is to hold the power button to shut it off and then turn it back on in High Chelmer. If this doesn’t fix it move on to the next solution.
If your phone was dropped or got wet: Your phone may have water damage. If it does, leave it to dry for at least 48 hours, ideally longer. Regardless of if this fixes the issue, it is best to bring it into your nearest Mobile Tech High Chelmer store for one of our experts to investigate as, in the long term, your phone’s inner circuitry will erode and the device will break.
If none of these solutions have helped, bring it to us at your nearest Mobile Tech High Chelmer store for us to inspect.

It completely depends on what phone you have as well as who you go with in High Chelmer. Whilst prices with independent stores tend to be friendlier on the wallet, the quality of the repair and parts are often low, whereas a reputable high street name, such as iSmash, use only the highest quality parts and repairs are carried out by qualified professionals. Choose your device brand below to find out the prices.

We recommend that you try the following:
Firstly, assess the damage. Is it scratched or cracked? If it’s just a scratch those are pretty easy to fix yourself.
In the event of a scratch, simply wipe some toothpaste over the mark, gently rubbing it into the screen in a circular motion and making sure you do not remove any surface coating. If this doesn’t work, try the same thing with either baking soda or vegetable oil.
If the screen is cracked then you can try and replace it yourself with a DIY phone kit in High Chelmer. Alternatively, bring it to your nearest Mobile Tech High Chelmer store and we’ll fix it for you, fast in Chelmsford.

Our repair times vary for iPad repairs depending on the type of repair and the type of iPad you have, it can take from 120 minutes to 48 hours in High Chelmer. Our in-store experts will advise you on how long it will take to repair your iPad in Chelmsford.

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Raj is just great. We had a complicated problem with my dads phone . He was so patient and thorough and did everything he could to help us. He is great value for money and and very trustworthy professional 😁
We’re the Millers Blustorm
My new phone screen was smashed, he gave me full assistance in ordering the model screen of my huwauei. He called me as soon as the screen arrived and he fixed it in an hour, and he gave me a discount. Screen fixing £85 casing and screen protector £15. Thanks Raj! There was no need for me to buy new phone
JoJo Vix
I recently had my phone repaired .They did such a good job with my phone .i will recommend them to family and friends and will definitely be going to them again if i have any problems in future with my phone
Angelo Morrone

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